Established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the ornamental Stone Division of RED SEA MINING CO. LTD., pioneered the granite stone industry beginning from the quarry to the finished installed product. RSM applied for and was granted several granite consessions by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in different locations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Currently RSM is actively extracting blocks of granite from 11 different quarries.

RSM has introduced Saudi Granite to the stone industry worldwide and to meet the large demand for the unique and attractive Saudi Granite it has continuosly been expanding its production. Extraction of raw blocks is currently over 1500 Cubic Meter per month in large dimensions and good shapes which ensure not only maximum efficiency but also optimum utilization of Gang Saws and other factory equipment.

RSM factory production capacity is currently over 20,000 M2 of 2 CM thick granite tiles per month. Various thicknesses, types and finishes viz., polished, flamed, sawn and honed starting from 1.5 CM to any thickness above this figure - can be achieved at our plant. The factory is also capable of handling any type of specialized jobs - columns, fountains, handrails, arches, corniches, balustrades, decorative profiles etc., which are tailor - made to the design varying from job to job as per the requirments sipulated by the architects and conforming to the international standards.

We maintain a strategy of continuously updating our equipment both in the quarries and the factory and always employ state-of-the-art equipment. We are concious that our reputation is built on top quality and this is a feature we do not compromise on. RSM strenghts are founded upon dedication to quality above all otherfactors. To this end our highly skilled and technical personnel with many years of experience in handling granite and marble-from quarrying to the raw material through the various stages of processing in our factory-enable us to be in the unique position of being able to offer the finished product in any form, size or finish. RSM also maintains a highly skilled installation team.

RSM of course supplies various projects throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, in addition to that RSM foresaw the need to introduce Saudi Granite throughout the world. We are currently also supplying the stone industry in the Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

We deal with the Middle East and Regional market directly. For the Far East we have established an excellent working relationship through several outlets in every important area of Asia, such as Singapore, Japan, Hongkong , Taiwan, India and China. We also supply directly to all the major companies in this industry in the European, North and South American and Latin American markets.

The 18 heads of our Bremo Predrini slab-polisher allows us to give you the best quality of polishing within the shortest time. Our new simec 20 head polishing machine will more than double our production capacity.
These 2 Magnum Giorgini maggi gang-saws 4.5M x 3.5M installed in Dec. '96 are 2 of 14 gang-saws and a panther cutting machine. Our new Bidese Multiwre Gold 60 will more than double our productionn capacity.