(Polishing line for slabs of marble) (A) Short Description: The solidity of the structure is the basis for the general quali-ty of the NP 2100 RX lines. The shapes and distribution of the weights of the machine have been designed to guarantee the highest levels of rigidity possible. The machine guarantees the maximum levels of productivity, depending on the quality of polishing required, that can be obtained anywhere on the market today. Integration with SIMEC automatic loaders and unloaders speeds up the oper-ations of slab handling and reduces down time in the pro-cessing cycle. The most powerful electronic devices make the equipment easy for the operator to use. The new software manages every operation quickly and safely, ensuring at the same time a continuous control of all the processing operations per-formed by the machine. NP 2100 RX is the result of a colossal design and engineer-ing project requiring re-engineering of 75% of the parts with respect to the previous model. Every change made is com-pletely reliability-oriented to ensure the quality of processing (B) Technical Specifications: Useful working width mm. 2100; Max. polishing thickness mm. 120*; Min. polishing thickness mm. 7; Spindle power kW. 11/15/18.5; Weight machine kg. 37000; Overall lenght mm. 15300; Overall width mm. 3000; Overall height mm. 2600